Aloo Tikki, Aloo Tikki chaat, How to make Aloo Tikki

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The narrow and the bustling lanes of the streets of India are the place to find the authentic and scrumptious street food served by the local vendors in food carts.

Street food in India is a whole different type of cuisine, one that is popular across the world. Just like the cuisine in India varies from state to state, street food varieties are also numerous ranging from spicy, tangy, sweet, sour, and a mix of all. One of the most loved and popular street food in the North Indian region is Aloo Tikki or Aloo Tikki Chaat which is a delicious street food snack of crisp potato cutlet loaded with spices and herbs and is served with curd, chutney, and chaat masala. Aloo Tikki is not just an ordinary street food but a whole emotion for many foodies in the Indian subcontinent.