Why did Dacia Spring acquire only one star in the Euro NCAP safety tests?

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Dacia Spring received a star in the Euro NCAP safety tests.

Euro NCAP has published the latest series of tests, and among the evaluated cars is Dacia Spring. The Dacia Spring electric car received a single star from the organization. However, according to EuroNCAP results, Dacia Spring received only one star. The official statement states that the Romanian model offered 49% protection for adult occupants, 56% for child occupants, and only 39% shield for pedestrians. However, the lowest percentage was reported at the level of security systems: only 32%.

Dacia Spring

The passenger compartment remained stable in the eventuality of a frontal impact. The parameters calculated in the feet area indicated a high risk of injury. Board structures also showed potential for injury. The driver's chest protection was also poor. The recommended values ​​of protection have also been exceeded in the pelvis. In the unfortunate event of a side impact with another vehicle or a pole, the protection shown by Dacia Spring has been classified as marginal for the rib cage.

However, the other areas of the body were well protected. Protection for the cervical area in the event of a back impact has also been listed as good. However, after a geometric evaluation of the seats, this protection was also classified as weak. The final score was also affected by the difficulty of opening the doors after the accident; it took a lot of force to get the doors opened.

Dacia Spring is a safe vehicle belonging to the A-segment. It is an approved model, following European safety regulations, which it surpasses in some respects. (For example, the AEBS (Advanced Emergency Braking System) or access to the battery for firefighters, existing on Spring, are not compulsory according to European regulations). Dacia Spring offers many safety features and better protection than most vehicles in Europe (including models in the upper segments).

Euro NCAP test protocols are becoming increasingly stringent every two years, especially for small, city, small and light vehicles. Dacia does not necessarily aim to obtain Euro NCAP stars by including in its vehicles some elements from the category of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), which our buyers do not want to use or for which they are not willing to pay now.

The Dacia Spring electric car became the best-selling car in Romania in November. Spring has thus surpassed Logan's sales, and Romania is among the few countries in the world where an electric car comes first.

In November, Dacia Spring became the best-selling model in Romania. Thus, the electric car of the Romanian manufacturer surpassed Logan for the first time in sales during a single month. This makes Romania one of the few in the world where an electric car ranks first in terms of sales in a month.

The Dacia Spring electric car was sold in 1195 copies, 110 units more than the Dacia Logan. Moreover, the company from Mioveni occupies the first four places at the top of the ranking, with Duster in third place and Sandero immediately after.

However, Dacia recorded a 14% drop in sales compared to November 2020. Dacia Logan had a massive drop of 50% compared to the same period last year. This is due to the global semiconductor crisis. And Dacia prioritized the production of Duster and Sandero. As a result, they generate a higher profit, especially in the export market.

The Ford Focus is immediately after the Dacia models, the best-selling export car in November in Romania. It sold 361 units, but even so, Focus recorded an increase of 117% compared to November 2020. The ranking is completed by: Renault Clio (328 units, down 23.7%), Renault Captur (296 units, 8.4% decrease), and Hyundai Tucson (248 vehicles, 112% increase). The last two places in the ranking are occupied by Toyota, respectively Corolla (212 units, an increase of 58%) and C-HR (207 units, an increase of 27%).

Fifteen thousand two hundred thirty-seven vehicles were registered in November, down 10.65% from last year. Of these, 11,480 were cars. After 11 months, the number of vehicles sold in Romania reached 109,350, down 1% compared to the same period in 2020. Therefore, the car market is below last year's level for the first time this year.

Dacia remains the leader in the ranking between January and November, with 30,218 registered units. Toyota and Hyundai are the best-selling imported brands, each with 8,000 cars sold and growing every month so far. Ford, Volkswagen, Skoda, and Renault have all seen declines. via Dacia.